Life Stories

Ikänik Life Series - Deana D

Deana Dhillon lives life to the fullest wether it's traveling the world in search of perfect waves or chasing the next winter storm for pow slashes. She also makes her living teaching people how to surf and snowboard, sharing her passion with them and enriching their lives in the process.

Ikänik Life Series - Bryston D

Bryston has been perfecting his craft for over a decade.  His approach to shaping surfboards is balance of art and the science.  He is always in pursuit of the next adventure and we are excited to have him part of the ikänik family.


After years of putting in the hard work, Rog has settled in and is ready to adventure. At 70 years young, he still is pushing the limits wether it be surfing his home break in Oceanside or bombing groomers in Oregon...he doesn't let age stop him from playing. Cheers to you Rog!

Ikänik Life Series - Kristin L

Being a Mom is one of hardest jobs in the world. Despite the chaos Kristin always makes time for herself. She finds peace and tranquility in yoga, it helps her balance the chaos. Kristin we salute you.

Ikänik Life SERIES - Brian B

Brian has dedicated his life fighting fires and saving lives, however he still seeks thrills from riding trails on his mountain bike. With all the wear and tear on his body he finds relief with our ikänik muscle cream. Don't let age be an excuse "Keep Playing".

Ikänik Life SERIES - Jason S

Jason has a full time job as a engineer while still attending grad school, what's even more impressive is that he holds a spot on the US National Beach Soccer Team. When he is not working or studying he is training, his drive and determination is a true inspiration. Keep Playing Jason and Go Team USA.